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First of all, congratulations are in order – congrats for the business start-up... Anybody that went through this will, without any doubt, tell you how exciting it is to build up a new business. With the help of a good staff, a good product and with the right investments you will agree that everything is possible. Of course, there are many risks involved but so are the rewards.

However, in a highly competitive market like today, it is often not easy to make a company that will face the challenges of Tomorrow. A good product is without any doubt crucial, however, so is it’s presentation to the market - without spending too much of course. Our job is exactly that: help you present your product at it’s highest quality with low-budget costs.

Based on your product and philosophy, our startup company package includes:

Corporate identity
Product Design

Web-based services
Responsive Design
Develop a user friendly platform –easy to be updated (CMS)
Develop a back-end system – if needed.
Animated sliders
Blog – news updates
Mobile apps
Google maps

Markeing tools
Implement social media tools
SEO services
Organize and implement a Google Add strategy

Depending on the complexity of the product and the website, we can complete a package within two weeks. As for marketing tools (SEO, Google Adds etc), you will see the results within the next 30 days after the implementation. However, our SEO account managers will be with for at least 90 days and if needed even longer.

Moreover, for our startup clients, we also offer Account Mangers. These are programmers that will stay with you for the next 90 days and you can make any changes you like. That is, in other words, if you need it, we can also be your contract (web-based) partner that will change, update or upgrade any details of the website in the future.

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These are few of the customers who have entrusted us with all their projects - Some big, some small, we enjoyed them all…



We are a team of young professionals with the right mix of multimedia and digital publishing experience who do what we love and therefore stopped working...

If looked close enough, we believe that everything has its own beauty. Our mission is to find it, give it a voice, a face and a soul. With a combination of marketing and communication specialists, graphic designers, web/mobile developers and motion graphic experts we try to penetrate to the other side and show you the view. 

Based in Prishtina (Kosovo), we can offer you what most countries in Europe never can – first class quality and fair prices.

In addition, to quality, innovation, and professional work, we also offer you the work of a very young independent team that will draft, design, develop, rank (SEO) and maintain your platform according to your needs and requests.

Moreover, aside from single projects (single website) we also offer outsourcing services for (among others) Website design, graphic design and web-development.


If you have any further queries, projects or simple questions - please do not hesitate to drop us a line...


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